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Bydezyne Birmans

Last Updated :
14 May 2006


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 Our 2nd litter.... 


The second litter of 'Bydezyne' kittens were born on Friday 14th March 2003.  Their father is no other than Gr Ch Esaya Arathorn, a wonderful chocolate tabby boy.






Below: First pictures at around 2 weeks old







The Babies

Bydezyne Grysham (Monty)

Monty, at 13 weeks old

Bydezyne Mymate Marmyte (Marmyte)

Wink!  And I bet you didn't think we could get three of us in this tube!


Bydezyne Oscar Wylde (Oscar)

Oscar at 11 weeks old, posing for the camera!


Many thanks to John, Helen and Keith for sending me some of the photographs you've taken of your kittens.


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